You’ve been recuperating at home, but the time has come for you to venture outside. While the prospect of wandering outside with baby has become exciting, it can also be a little nerve racking. That is why we have compiled some tips and tricks for your first outing with the new baby below. 




When it comes to venturing outside with the baby, some moms go outside around the 3-week mark, while others may wait until 12 weeks. We recommend speaking with your pediatrician and ask them when you should travel outside with your new baby. One important thing is never head out if baby is hungry, tired or during rush hours. 



First time diaper changes in public will take a little bit of figuring out. That is why preparation is everything, so get your kit in order. Included in your kit should be at least 4 diapers, wipes, ointment, a mini travel pad, and a soother. Our Baby Boy Diaper Bag Gift Set is a great gift and bag to help prepare for your outings with baby! A muslin cover will be a multi-purpose life saver: a privacy cover to keep keep strangers away, a cover for breastfeeding, or even an impromptu change station, you can even use it as a blanket to play with your baby on the grass. 


Place and Duration 

Spring is a magical time to be out with baby. The temperature is comfortable, there is a soothing breeze, and the scents and sights of blooms surround you. Here at Birbaby, we suggest you stay away from crowds and stay away from places like the mall and instead aim for somewhere like a park or place with a patio. When you are out, be realistic in your expectations and do not aim to be out for more than two hours. If you can only stay out for 30 minutes, that is something you should still be proud of. We also suggest not trying to run an errand during this time, this will take the pressure off of you by making your first trip out with baby a relaxing experience for both of you.  


Take Outings in Baby Steps 


You can learn from your baby - literally. Your first couple of out of home excursions should be short and sweet. Maybe leave the home for a quick trip around the block and come back home. Try to pick a place that you know won’t be crowded or stressful for either of you.  

After this you can gradually increase the time you spend outside of your home with baby, as well as becoming more comfortable with some of the admirers your baby may have. There are some first-time parenting challenges that may take some getting used to - like responding to feeding needs in public locations and calming a fussy baby in a busy store.  


These tips can help you with any issues that do come up to ensure your trip out with baby goes as smoothly as possible.